ESXENCE – THE SCENT OF EXCELLENCE and EXPERIENCE LAB A huge success for the international events dedicated to artistic perfumery and Indie cosmetics
Od 25 do 28 kwietnia 2019 roku miałam przyjemność wziąć udział w wyjątkowym wydarzeniu – ESXENCE. Mediolan w tych dniach przeobraził się w businessową stolicę imperium zapachowego. Mogliśmy podziwiać zapachy z całego świata, poznać słynnych twórców, jak również nowinki kosmetyczne. W Mediolanie spotkałam wiele ciekawych osób, z którymi umówiona jestem już na wywiady. Ponieważ zapach i jego właściwości terapeutyczne stanowią temat moich badań naukowych, i biorę udział w wielu konferencjach międzynarodowych, moje zainteresowanie wzbudziła zwłaszcza jedna marka, której myślą przewodnią jest podtekst psychologiczny. A ponieważ nasz magazyn „KOSMETYKA I KOSMETOLOGIA” zanużony jest w tej tematyce (czyli PSYCHOKOSMETOLOGII) więc z pewnością niebawem opublikuję wywiad z właścicielką perfum, które nie tylko noszą nazwę związaną z EMOCJAMI, stanem ducha, ale także korzystnie wpływają na nasze samopoczucie. Poniżej ciekawostki z wydarzenia. Tymczasem pozdrawiam WAS przesyłając dużo pozytywnej energii i piękny zapach – MIŁOŚCI I WDZIĘCZNOŚCI.
Tamara Gotowicka
redaktor naczelna. BEAUTY& WELL-BEING COACH
Almost 7.890 guests coming from all over the world had the opportunity to find out more than 221 brands and to attend a curated selection of meetings, round tables, workshops, presentations and olfactory itineraries led by renowned experts, thus appointing Esxence as one of the most prestigious exhibition on the international scene.
The first edition of Experience Lab, dedicated to the most important indie beauty brands together with the absolute peak of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, achieved a positive success, displaying around 44 cutting-edge brands in the wonderful setting of Villa Quarzo.
Good vibes also for the first Milano Fragrance Week, promoting the olfactory culture and the interest in perfume as an art form, through more than 25 events open to public and spread all over the city.
– Esxence: 221 brands (+19% compared to 2018) split in 91 Main Brands and 130 Spotlight Brands – Experience Lab: 44 brands – 18 different countries of origin of the brands (Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Oman, Principality of Monaco, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Uzbekistan) – 6.000 square meters of exhibition space (The Mall + Villa Quarzo) – 80% of total exhibitors coming from abroad – 7.890 guests (+25% during the day one of the event, compared to 2018), coming from 77 countries – 60% of operators (on the total number of guest) – 27 conferences and meetings set in the events calendar of The Mall and Villa Quarzo, open to enthusiasts and professionals, featuring the presence of some of the most influential experts in the world. -25 events connected to Milano Fragrance Week
“Every year, as a result of a painstaking process of research and selection, we are in a position to offer our audience only the finest examples of artistic perfumery production”, states Maurizio Cavezzali, co-founder of Esxence and President of Equipe International. “Esxence is the benchmark event at world level: this is where the sector’s most important players meet; this is where trends are decided and here is where the up-and-coming brands destined for success make their débuts. In one edition after another, we concentrate our efforts on renewal and innovation, investing in and building on our experiences and analysing future trends. The major new features we are introducing this year demonstrate this: the Experience Lab and the Milano Fragrance Week are two important projects we have focused on and driven energetically. I am sure that this year’s edition will be hugely successful and bring us new stimuli for growth.”
“Over these ten years we gave to existing brands the opportunity to expand internationally, strengthen their commercial distribution, enhance their visibility and introduce new products through an exceptional showcase. We have also assured a future to research and innovation in the artistic perfumery as well as in cosmetics, performing very well at Experience Lab” – asserts Silvio Levi, co-founder of Esxence and President of the Technical Committee. “Our main goal is to foster the future of this sector, setting in advance the new trends: this is what happened with some brands showcasing in the early editions of Esxence and now turned into best sellers of mass-tige. We are the one and only international event portraying the entire sector and nurturing the olfactory culture through focused workshops, meetings and lectures”.
The concept chosen for this edition was Inspiration Flow, a title that expresses the essence of the event and of Artistic Perfumery. Linked together by the intimate similarity of the two terms in the Italian language (inspirare and ispirare), inhaling and inspiring are two principles that also have a strong active bond when we relate to a perfume, plunging us into a flow of emotions, thoughts and memories. Inspiration Flow is the impulse that enables mind and body to conceive and achieve something new: it is the instant when thoughts are clear and flow smoothly in the right direction. Esxence is the place where artistic perfumery shares its energy, inspirations and ideas, as well as a meeting point for business.
Globally, the share of the alcohol-based perfumery market enjoyed by Artistic Perfumery as a whole is approximately 10%. In Italy, the total turnover for artistic perfumery passed the threshold of €250 million in 2017, corresponding to 12% of the turnover in alcohol-based perfumery and 2.5% of the total Italian beauty business. As this sector has the potential to reach 2% of the beauty business turnover in every country, it has a real chance to develop several billion euros of turnover and give a stimulus to brands that keep faith with their original mission and/or are extremely innovative and committed to research.